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Dr.Vikas Gaur (India)

MBBS, MD (Psychiatry), MSc Health Informatics

Professor & Head, Department of Psychiatry, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, Jaipur, India

Dr. Mina Shreekant Bobdey (U.K)

MBBS, DPM(Psychiatry), MRCPsych, FRCPsych

Consultant Psychiatrist, NHS, England

Expert Psychiatrist, Doctor, Delhi, India

Dr. Edward Wilfong (U.S.A)

BA Western Washington University, Psychology. magna cum laude

Ph.D. Texas Tech University, Counseling Psychology. Minor in Marriage and Family Therapy

APA accredited Counseling Psychologist

Dr.Sushil Rohilwal (India)

M.A, Ph.D Psychology, B.Ed, M.Ed.

Accredited Counseling Psychologist, Wellness trainer

Assistant Professor, Psychology, Mahatma Gandhi Medical College