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Mental (Psychiatric) Disorders: are characterized by a combination of abnormal thoughts, perceptions, emotions, behavior and relationships with others, can be prevented and are treatable.

Psychiatric patient versus normal person - Is there any significant difference?

Nearly all of the symptoms manifested by psychiatric patients (sad mood, anxiety, euphoria, irritability, paranoid ideas, phobia, obsession, compulsions, abnormal personality traits etc.) are also found in small degree in normal person. It is the severity, frequency and duration of these symptoms which differentiate a normal person from a psychiatric patients.

Mental disorders are only diagnosed after ruling out all possible medical / neurological disorder which can also present with similar symptoms.

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(These tests are not meant to be a diagnosis. Please consult a psychiatrist near you for proper diagnosis )

Dr Vikas Gaur (M.D Psychiatry)

Dr Vikas Gaur

(MBBS, M.D Psychiatry, MSc. Health Informatics)

Professor & Consultant (Department of Psychiatry) AIMS Medical College, Faridabad

Screening tests / quiz for various mental disorders.

These quizzes / screening tests can help you in determining whether you might have any psychiatric problem that needs professional attention. The results of these quizzes / screening tests are not meant to be a diagnosis however you can share the results with your doctor. For proper diagnosis, please consult a psychiatrist near you in person.

Screening Quiz for psychiatric disorders in Children for parents.

(These tests are not meant to be a diagnosis. Please consult a doctor near you for proper diagnosis )