Mental Disorders

Common symptoms of Mental disorders


  • Believe that people are spying on you, plotting against or trying to hurt you or your family member.

  • People can read your mind or hear your thoughts

  • You can read someone's mind or can hear what other person is thinking.

  • Special messages are being sent to you through T.V, radio, newspaper, internet or you are being targeted via these medium.

  • Some external force can put thoughts in your mind and which are not yours.

  • Some one else is or can control your thoughts / body. You are being possessed.

  • Your relatives, friends do not believe in you or consider your believe strange or unusual.

  • You can hear things other people couldn't hear such as voices.

  • You can hear voices discussing about you or commenting on you or talking to you but other's can't.

  • You can see things which others can't.

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  • For the past two weeks, you feel constantly depressed most of the day, nearly every day

  • Have lost interest in most things you previously enjoyed.

  • Feeling very tired or without energy nearly every day.

  • There are significant changes in your sleep, appetite, sexual interest?

  • You are feeling worthless, hopeless, guilty.

  • You feel life is not worth leaving.

  • Having difficulty in concentration and unable to make even routine decisions.

Depression (more information)

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  • You have felt sad, depressed most of the time for the last two years.

  • Having symptoms of depression mentioned above in mild severity.


For the past seven days

  • Feeling full of energy and other people think that you are not your usual self. (Decreased need for sleep and eating, increased energy, racing thoughts, full of new and brilliant ideas, feeling very creative, motivated, impulsive)

  • Feeling very irritable, arguing, having fights, shouting.

  • Feel you are very important person, can do things others can't do at all.

  • Increase in talkativeness, religiosity, charity, sociability.

  • Getting easily distracted, starting new things and then switching to another.

  • Getting engaged in pleasurable activities (Gambling, reckless driving, spending spree, sexual activities) but ignoring the risk or consequences.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - OCD

  • Having recurrent thoughts, impulses or images which are unwanted, inappropriate, distressful and intrusive.

  • These thoughts keep repeating and coming back to mind even when you try to ignore them.

  • These Obsessions and Compulsion interfere with your daily routine, work, school, social activities or relationships.

  • Consuming more than one hour in a single day.

Example of Obsessions

  • Repetition of the same thought (of filth, being dirty after touching, getting contaminated after touching)

  • Fear of harming someone (eg mother harming of her young child)

  • Fear of getting a disease

  • Fear of causing some bad accident if you will not do something

  • Repeating sexual thoughts, sexual images (eg of God), sexual impulse

Compulsion : keep on repeating something and not able to resist it. Resisting them leading to anxiety and distress.

Example of Compulsion

  • Repeating acts (of washing hands, bathing, cleaning)

  • Repeatedly checking (locks, door, gas tap etc.)

  • Counting or saying prayer to prevent some harm

  • Spending a lot of time in arranging things in symmetry

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder - OCD (more information)

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  • Sexual disorders

  • Premature ejaculation, Erectile dysfunction, Dhat in Urine.

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  • Anxiety /Panic / Phobia

Anxiety Disorders (English)

Do I have Anxiety Disorder?

  • Sleep disorder

  • Insomnia, Hypersomnia, Sleep terror, Nightmare, Sleep walking.

Sleep Disorders (English)

Do I have Sleep Disorder?

  • Drug dependence

  • Nicotine, Alcohol, Cannabis, Opium, Steroid, Inhalants.